You’re Attractive, So I’ll Vote For You

So I was driving in to work this morning and listening to a prominent AM radio talk show. The topic of discussion was politics (as usual) and some of the republican and democratic candidates in play. After much scintillating analysis, the host posed the question, “So based on looks alone, who would you vote for?!?”

I know they were kidding. The question is interesting though. Look at the candidates: Mitt Romney is attractive, but in a slick car salesman sort of way. Mike Huckabee kinda has that chipmunk-trapped-in-a-politicians-body sort of look. Fred Thompson looks like your grandpa. Rudy Guiliani – all forehead. Hillary – looking more like Bill each day. Barak Obama – kinda like Tiger Woods and Joel Osteen had a baby.

So, based on looks… I have no idea who should win. Yes, there are other candidates, but still not much help in the looks department. So what do we do? Possibly, ignore looks as a major element in deciding who should be president next?

Probably. It was the Lord who told Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:7 that His major criteria is the heart of people, not the outward appearance to which man is so attracted. Most of us have been around long enough to have realized that there really is no correlation between attractive people and amazing hearts. I’ve seen less attractive people who have tremendous hearts and influence. I’ve seen ugly people with ugly hearts. I’ve seen beautiful people with ugly hearts and beautiful people with beautiful hearts.

As I see it, there really are no ugly people outwardly – especially when their hearts are for the Lord. Our outward appearance is a phenomenal crafting of the almighty God, but our hearts are the real Sistine Chapel of God’s creation. Let’s wake up and focus there, okay?

And as soon as Brad Pitt runs for president we can all finally turn out to vote.