1018 by 2018

So I’ve been thinking. I’m on this break between ministries. God is beginning to breathe into me pictures of the next steps. Next ministries. Next miracles. Next dreams. These dreams are beginning to take shape and in long-term ways.

Yesterday I was thinking about the next decade of my life and hoping that it would make a difference in history. I believe wholeheartedly that the Lord has called me to devote at least the next ten years of my life to showing the grace and truth of Jesus Christ to as many junior high students as possible. And then it hit me.

The local church is the best place for this to happen. If I’m to invest my days, my breath, my talent in junior highers for His glory, then the local church is where I want to do it. Realistically, we could radically influence over 200 junior high students every two years during this next decade. For the math challenged of you, that means 200 students that we’d have in our ministry for two years. That means 5 cycles of 2 years in 10 years. 200 students times 5 cycles equals 1000 students transformed by the gospel in this next decade. Realistically.

But we know God doesn’t always work realistically. The potential is obviously much greater than 200 students in each 2 year cycle. But what I’m hoping and praying for is that AT LEAST 200 students in EACH of those 2 year cycles will be radical, fully devoted Jesus lovers. They’d be handed off to RJ in the High School Ministry of Grace and continued to be grown, loved, developed, inspired. Then set loose on the world.

So… let’s just assume that the MINIMUM that could happen over the next decade, by 2018, is that 1000 junior high students are passionately mobilized to love the world as Jesus does. I get chills thinking about it. And since 1000 by 2018 has no ring to it, let’s kick it up by 18 kids and say we’re praying for at least 1018 by 2018.

What could the Lord do with a thousand more workers for the harvest by 2018? We will see. I know we will. And if by His choosing there are 18 by 2018, we know He’ll rock the world through those faithful handful. If it’s 4018 by 2018, we know He’ll still be rockin’ and rollin’.

It’s time to breathe in the Holy Spirit and breathe out in His power and grace and love to this Santa Clarita community. I’m STOKED!!!!!!!