Hume Lake Shooting Star

You can actually see the stars when you’re up at Hume Lake. Less smog. Less haze. Just less barriers between you and the heavens in general.

It was during Friday night’s Victory Circle with our junior highers that God decided to pull out all the stops. We had just sat for an hour listening to students talk about what God had been teaching them all week. Now it was time for God to talk. Derek Geer instructed us to turn our eyes up toward the starry sky as we prayed. He wanted us to address our Father fully aware of that which He created. We looked up and Derek began to pray aloud.

“Lord, thank for your work this week. Thank you for what you are going to do in the lives of these junior highers.” And then… “Lord, please show us your glory.”

At that exact moment one of the most brilliant and long lasting shooting stars arced across the sky. His glory. His response. His proof.

And 500 junior highers and their counselors all went crazy!

This thought struck me: Amazing things happen when you look up. Most of us don’t look up enough. We rarely throw a glance toward the Lord. We scarcely look His direction.

But here’s the cool part: He’s always ready to show us something brilliant if we do. He’s so ready to reveal something to us if we’re watching. If we’re listening. If we’re open to it.

This is why I love God. He’s always moving me into a position to see Him better. He’s moving me to places where the view is less cloudy. And sometimes I let Him. And sometimes when He’s moved me, I even stop to look up.