Cambodia Day One: Wait, What Day Is It?

Ron here. We’re not sure what day it is. Or what time it is. But we are pretty sure we’re in Cambodia. And that’s all that matters. We survived the flight which is amazing considering the James Bond-esque flight attendants who offered us water, pillows, and seafood snacks (yes, you read that right). If the ninja-like flight attendants didn’t kill us we were sure the seafood snacks would.

So, I curled up with my grandma shawl, provided by Asiana Airlines, and watched 19 full-length, blockbuster movies to pass the time. John Maly read the entire history of Cambodia (24 volumes). RJ began made friends with the flight attendants and nearby passengers.

We hit Phnom Penh around midnight and were shuttled to our home base. I don’t remember much before passing out… except RJ saying something about watching out for Geckos that might clamp down on hand and not let go.

Travel behind, we have settled in to an absolutely amazing place of ministry. The hand of God is so clearly in this village. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The Cambodian people are quick with warm smiles and double-handed hand-shakes. I like them immensely. But you can sense brokenness behind their smiles. The love and grace and forgiveness of Jesus are deeply needed here. This is all the more evidenced by the fact that the Cambodian people do not even have a word for grace in their Khmer language, we are told.

Guess we’ll have to show them instead of tell them.

Mark Hall, resident missionary host, toured us around the PHENOMENAL facility here and explained the intricacies both of developing a water treatment system that will bring health to the country AND of taking the message of Jesus along with clean water. Mark is brilliant – and as warm as the Cambodians he’s serving.

So, after one day, I’m overwhelmed in the best ways possible. I’m overwhelmed by the power of Jesus in the lives of these people here. Overwhelmed by the God-given talent at work in these missionaries. Overwhelmed by the need for us to be here.

So it doesn’t matter that we don’t know what day it is. It is a day for loving the Cambodian people with Jesus’ love. And a day to avoid any more seafood snacks.