Stevie Wonder and Amazing Grace

Ron again.

I got chills this morning when the small congregation of Cambodian people sang “Amazing Grace” in their own language at the Cambodian church service. It was so cool. So was another worship song that sounded like it took the tune from Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You.” Haha. 

One of the Cambodians that speaks English told me he was a big fan of a band called The Rocket Summer. One of my favorites. So between Amazing Grace, Stevie Wonder, and The Rocket Summer I’m feeling more at home than ever. I’m not sure how the gospel’s doing, but music is getting all across the world. Maybe that’s why there’s this odd sensation that I’ve been here before.

There’s a safeness you’ll feel here too. And at the same time, the whole place screams WE NEED HELP. You see it in the villagers faces sometimes – and certainly in Phnom Penh where we traveled today for awhile. Little, beautiful faces… they need so much and have so much to offer. Weird.

Well, time for more rice or noodles.