Go Listen To Erwin McManus, Then Read Him

I’ve been really stoked by everything coming from Erwin McManus lately.  I’ve always dug his speaking.  There’s something so conversational about it.  It’s like you’re in his living room and you and he are the only ones there.  I love that in communicators.  Francis Chan has it.  Louie Giglio has it.  Chris Simning.

But then there’s their content too.  Dang.  I’m floored by things they say.  Profound things in really simple terms.  I love that too.

Simning and I were talking recently and saying that speaking is really about drawing people in to an experience with God… not just teaching information.  Of course, the Holy Spirit is doing all the work and as speakers you are often drawn deepest into God’s presence during the whole affair.  But I really like when I feel like the dude up front disappears and it’s like God is actually talking to you.  It’s not class anymore.  It’s a holy moment.  It seems like few pastors get that.

So, anyway, I’ve been READING a lot of McManus lately.  I’m even more stoked by the conversation we’re having in his books.  Stop whatever it is you’re doing today and go buy The Barbarian Way and Wide Awake by him.  ALL his others are equally as inspiring, but go for those two quick.  Let me know what you start dreaming of.