Valkyrie and Those Who Die For Something They Believe

Okay, so I saw Valkyrie today with some of my junior high buddies.  Other than wishing it had been someone else behind the eye-patch than Tom Cruise, I thought it was a good film. Super depressing, but good.

It made me think of those “unnamed heroes” mentioned in Hebrews 11 who were “sawed in two” or “tortured and refused to be released.”  There have been some manly fricken men throughout history.  Seriously.  I don’t know the first thing about suffering for my beliefs.

Seems to me that if there are those who’ve walked before us who’ve been beaten, tortured, and FREAKIN sawed in two for their belief in Jesus, I should be able to muster the strength to say no to mild temptation.  I mean, dang!  Dudes have been ripped limb from limb, thrown in jail, watched their children murdered and I can’t read my Bible for 5 minutes!  I make myself sick!

Hats off to real, barbaric Jesus followers.  And hats off to a God who loves me just as much as they.  Talk about grace.