I’m a Puke Magnet

Okay, so the lesson from our SHRED winter trip that the Lord really wanted to communicate was that I’m a puke magnet.  10 Vans driving up to Big Bear and mine is the only one with two pukers on it on the way up the mountain.  Mine was the only cabin all week with pukers.  Thursday involved trapsing through the ice at 3AM in my boxers to find Pepto, Kaopectate, or even human corks if I could find them.  They don’t make those in junior high size apparently.

After a high schooler clogged the toilet in our cabin, the puke came.  I would have hated to be that toilet.

Even my laptop smells like puke.  It got nailed 30 minutes from home just when I thought we were in the clear.

We’re not sure what started all this.  Bouncy vans.  Mountain roads.  Mystery camp pot pie.

Maybe Jesus started it.  A newly discovered spiritual gift that only I possess… the gift of puke extraction.  They thought it was dormant or deceased like tongues, but what does John MacArthur know?  Puke extraction is returning as a major spiritual gift.  Encouragers move over.  Mercy-givers step aside.

Puke Extractors are risen.  We are risen indeed.