Brody Came Running

I’d just got up to speak at one of the chapels at Hume last weekend.  I had just finished the obligatory positioning of Bible, notes and music stand to my liking.  I then focused in on the students before me.  Deep breath.  Quick, eye-open, silent prayer for the Holy Spirit to speak loud and clear.  I’m ready.

And then I look down the center aisle of the Hume Lake Ponderosa Chapel and my 1 and a half year old son Brody is running down the aisle toward me on stage.  Alone.

He’s got a big ol’ smile and is going, “Dadddddy!  Daddddy!”  There was no getting around him.  And there was no way I was going to start the message and ignore the sweetest little guy on the planet running for his daddy.

Anna was now in pursuit.  She got to him right as he got the foot of the stage.  I reached down, picked him up, and he just smiled with his pacifier in his mouth.  1000 junior highers went crazy!

I gave Brody a kiss and sent him back with his mom down the aisle.  But then it was Braddock’s turn.  He didn’t want to miss out.  He zinged past Anna who was now on her way back up the aisle.  Shot through her legs and came running for daddy as well.

I was already in the stooped position ready to grab my other son.  He ran down the aisle, one arm fixed and the other swinging violently back and forth.  This is how he runs.

Soon he was in my arms.  1000 junior higher went crazy again.  I kissed him, set him down and he ran back to Anna.

This has to be what God wants of us.  Open running toward Him with no regard for the 1000’s who are just sitting around.  And no matter what God’s doing, He always has time to stoop low and pull us in close.