Do You Like Speaking?

So it turns out that I really have fun while I’m doing the speaking-end of ministry.  I mean, real fun.  Recently while up front, the Lord was cranking things out of my mouth, but my brain was going, “I don’t know if there’s anything more fun on the planet than this! Hahahaha!”  It was a crazy moment of just enjoying what I was doing.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I actually enjoy hanging with students more than speaking.  I enjoy watching a student who gets who Jesus is again (or for the first time) more than speaking.

And for all you waiting to pounce on me, holding me to make sure my value is not found in the speaking-end of ministry by saying things like, “You know you won’t be doing any preaching in heaven, so don’t get too into it!” — I don’t think I like you people.  You don’t need to correct me or fix me or worry about me.  Really.  I just want to be clear:

I don’t think my value is in my speaking.  I JUST HAD A LOT OF FUN DOING IT!

There must be heaps of pride associated with up front stage stuff in the ministry.  Other than how many kids you have in your group, there seems to be this horrible measuring stick of success by where and how well you teach.  I’ve been places where I’ve actually had guys come up to me and say, “So, I think I could do what you’re doing.  How can I get my name in here at this place?  I think these kids could really benefit from what I’ve got to say.”

Now, they may be the most amazing communicator ever, but I never know what to say to them.  So I just punch ’em in the face.

Just kidding.  I’m just rambling today.  So, like I was saying, I had fun speaking the other day.