My Seizure Story – or “carpe diem, seizure the day”

I can’t thank all of you enough for the huge outpouring of prayers, support, and encouragement that I’ve received via twitter, facebook, texts, emails, care packages, voicemails, etc.  Here’s a quick update on what actually happened, how I’m doing now and what’s next:

Monday, March 30th, I went in to work sick but needing to knock out a couple things for a busy week.  Our student ministries secretary and mama bear, Merci Shaw, sent me home immediately.  I grabbed my computer and went home.  I got into bed with my laptop to do a little work and that’s the last thing I remember.

Next thing I remember I was waking up downstairs on our couch with Anna by my side.   I couldn’t remember the day or date.  The incredible soreness of my muscles and my split-open tongue told me I’d had a seizure.

This is the first seizure in almost a decade.  A flurry of them during college sent me to many doctors with no answers as to a cause – except, maybe stress.  The recovery is typically slow – a week or two until muscles are less tense, energy returns little by little, the tongue rebuilds itself, and short term memory is like having someone clean up my office for me… I know everything’s there, but I’m just not sure where everything is.

This recovery hasn’t been much different except I bit through my tongue worse than I had in previous times.  I’ve sounded like Sylvester the Cat for the last week.

I’m now baby-stepping back into life… and I’ll be fine soon for sure.  I start the barrage of neurology department appointments this week to see if there’s anything wrong… but when they realize I’m generally brainless that should speed things up.

Special thanks to my amazing church that has rallied around my family and provided for my rest and recovery.  Thanks to RJ and Larry and Scott and John and Brandon and BP and Merci and the rest of the crew who drive ministry on so powerfully in my absence.  I really feel like I’ve let my junior high students down these last days – missing youth group events, a Mexico mission trip, and probably a couple more youth group programs before I’m better… and yet, the Lord is reminding me of a few key things.

First, He’s reminding me of the power of silence, rest, and the ONE thing that really matters – sitting at Jesus’ feet instead of rushing around Martha-style.  Second, He’s reminding me of my real value not being in what I do, but who I am – and who He is.  Third, He’s reminding me of the power of my team and the deep bench of leaders and students who are so willing to take the torch and run.  Fourth, He’s remiding me of His timing, His plan, and His strategy being far more effective than mine.  And fifth, He’s reminding me that life is precious, fleeting, and to be appreciated every moment.  Carpe Diem… Seize the Day.  Or Seizure the Day as the case may be.