License Revoked, Dizzy Afternoon, and Russian Doctors

The neurologist this morning put me back on anti-seizure medication (Keppra). So far stress and sleep deprivation seem to the be front-runners for the reasons behind the seizures. All self-imposed stress issues… and toddler caused sleep issues despite my amazing wife being the one who always gets up with them.
My doctor told me in his russian accent, “You must sleep like baby. Sleep like baby, you not have seizure. Don’t sleep like baby, you have seizure.” Thank you, Garp. I wanted to say, “I have 2 baby – and this is why I don’t sleep like baby.”
The worst news I got today though is that my driver’s license will be suspended for the next 3-6 months. If I’m seizure free during that time, I’ll get my license back. So… yet another thing the junior highers and I will have in common… neither of us can drive.
I’m a little sad and overwhelmed at the thought of that, but there are way worse things to deal with.
You can be praying as well for the medication to settle in over the next couple days. It’s already making me really dizzy and weak… something they warned me about as it gets into my system these opening days.
My spirits are good and I’m thankful for the challenge. I’m also thankful for the chance right now to take a nap. Pray I will sleep like baby.