You Pick My Messages

I’m going to try and post a link to a handful of past messages delivered either at Hume or Cornerstone or one of the few I’ve recorded at Grace in the next week AND I WANT YOU TO PICK WHICH TOP 5 MAKE THE CUT.  Leave a comment here or on Facebook about which one you’d like to see a link to and IF I CAN FIND A RECORDED COPY I’ll post it up here.

With that said, I’m doing this because I feel there is value in having access to moments that the Lord spoke to you in the past.  I’m doing this because I feel there are a handful of messages into which the Lord breathed differently than others and seemed to connect on a different level with greater numbers of people.  I’m doing this because I hope God can connect a thought from His Word that reminds you again of something you realized before…. either about Him or yourself.  I’m NOT doing this because I think I’m awesome or wanna have a Top 5 Best Hits Album to stroke my ego.  Anything good I’ve said was from the Lord or stolen from someone else who said it better before me anyway.  My ego left with my luscious head of hair many years ago.

If you already have a copy of a specific talk, but you think it should make the list, let me know anyway which message it is.  And if you only remember specific pieces, like the story about my cat named Paul or screaming at the deaf woman or the one about the squirrels (or maybe even something about Jesus!!!!) then let me know the piece you remember.

I love you.  Now go pick and please lemme know.  The 2 people who read this and I will be waiting intensely.  Mom and Anna… here come the talks.