John Piper/Josh Harris on Twittering During Worship

Just so you know, I’m a fair guy.  I think I’d be one-sided to not direct you toward some of the “other side” of the conversation in using social media technology in church.  I agree with some of their thoughts and disagree with others.  And disagreeing with John Piper may be foolish.  And Josh Harris’ 6 Points listed in the blog link are right on.  Those guys are both wise, smart, and well-studied Biblically for sure!

I still, however, hold to what I’ve said in previous posts.  I’m still seeing the Spirit move through it.  In some ways, texting during the service is like the next generation’s way of taking notes or jotting down a God-thought in the margin of your Bible or raising your hand to ask a question in class or shouting out an “Amen!” At least that’s how I see it.

Twittering may be a different story, I agree.  There are some things that can just wait until later.  I’d hate for people to be distracted during the hearing and/or preaching of God’s Word.

If we’re harping on things that are distracting during the preaching or hearing of God’s Word, why don’t we also address things like crappy preaching.  And distracting environments.  And out of touch application.

But enough from me.  I gotta go answer some texts from students who were wrestling with God’s Word last week.  In the meantime, go read the good thoughts on the other side at: