5 Messages: Round 1.

Okay.  Here is the first pass at some of the messages requested.  I’ll do a second round soon.  Love you guys so much!

The links are after each description in blue. Here’s what made the list so far, in no particular order:

1. Hume Lake Winter Camp 2/2009: Scary Adventure (This is probably the one that is pushing me the most personally right now…. and as about as intense as I get.) Hume Lake: Scary Adventure

2. Camber Closing Message 6/2008: Breathing in the Holy Spirit (Dr. Ron Habermas heavily influenced this very core value in my life and ministry.  I’m trying to breathe more.) Camber – Breathing in the Holy Spirit

3. Camber I CAN’T Series 1/2008: I Can’t, He Can (Foundational message in my personal journey.  Giglio’s words after my dad passed away wrecked me for good.) Camber I CAN’T Series: I Can’t, He Can

4. Grace ROLE MODEL Series 2/2009: Sex and Dating (Go read The 7 Checkpoints.  Then listen to this if you’re in junior high or high school or frisky or parental and trying to prevent some bad roads.) Grace ROLE MODEL SERIES: Sex and Dating

5. Hume Lake Winter Camp 1/2009: Hand Over the Keys (Settle in for the good news of who Jesus is as simply as I can put it and others have said it… plus some of those goofy stories you’ve requested.  You need to carve out an hour plus for this sucker though.  Sorry.) Hume Lake: Hand Over the Keys