5 Messages: Round 2

The talks from the Sincerely, Series at Cornerstone really came out of my own personal journey and through the Biblical truths found in The Search for Significance by Robert McGee.  If you struggle with people pleasing or trying to measure up or blaming other people for your issues or an ability to change listen to these or, better yet, go read the book.  If you want a simple foundation of some doctrines of the Christian faith, start here too.  Majority of the messages I got seemed to reference these in some way.  Click the links below:

Cornerstone SINCERELY Series: Approval

Cornerstone SINCERELY, Series: Performance

Cornerstone SINCERELY, Series: Blame

Cornerstone SINCERELY, Series: Shame

This other message closed out our We Will Not Talk series at Camber in the summer of 2007.  For 11 powerful, but often intense or depressing weeks (we jokingly called this the Summer O’ Depression) we had addressed several issues the church rarely talks about.  This particular message was about Sexual Addiction.  Check this one out if you’re in for something intense – and know that the biblical principles and broader life application span much more than just SA.  Here ya go, brave ones: Camber WWNT: Sexual Addiction