5 Things to Pray For Today – From Hume Lake

Sitting here in the Hume ‘N Beans Coffee Shop in Meadow Ranch looking out at 500 student soaking up a beautiful day here at camp.  There’s a really amazing group of students and leaders here this week.  God is at work, full steam ahead.  And as you’d expect there’s a fair amount of spiritual attack coming with the terriorty.  And tonight’s decision night for students to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior for the first time.  In light of all that, here are a couple pretty huge things I would love your prayers for today:

Pray for God’s Spirit to move powerfully in the hearts of the students here tonight as they hear the gospel.  Pray for me to be clear.  Pray for their hearts to be soft.

Pray for a girl student here whose dad fell off a work truck yesterday morning, broke his neck and died.  This happened the morning after I shared about losing my dad.  She’s still up here too.

Pray for another girl here whose story would rock your world and sadden you terribly.  The details are too many and too personal to list here, but God is intimately acquainted with her situation and has brought her up here this week after being away from church, etc. for several months.

Pray for a guy student here who came up after the first night, noticeably moved, and continuing to soak up EVERYTHING God’s breathing into him this week.

Pray for the youth pastor up here.  After sitting through their meeting last night, I was moved deeply by a common theme amongst youth pastor circles.  Every time I’m here the guys in that room all arrive totally exhausted, out of place, undervalued, underprepared, and overworked.

Thanks for your prayers!  I’m overwhelmed by how amazing Jesus is in the lives of students these week.  I love being here and doing this.  Thanks for those who allow me to do this and for your prayers.  Rock on!