Pics from Hume Lake Week 6!

worshipHere are a couple of shots from maybe my favorite week of speaking at Hume Lake.  The theme of “Hey Rube!” was basically a rallying cry to move students to go be salt and light for Jesus back in their own worlds.  THIS NEXT GENERATION IS GOING TO BLOW US OUT OF THE WATER WHEN IT COMES TO LIVING OUT THEIR FAITH!  So stoked for what the Spirit is doing through them.  Pray for them and their youth leaders!

The crowd from left to right:



And pray for this new little bro, Elijah.  He’s got a phenomenal heart and wants to shine really badly.  Pray also for Gabe, Ben, Dylan, Sam, Jane, Jenny, Nick, Paulina, Trevor, Logan, Melissa, Dennis, Emily, and others!


And pray for me.  My pants are getting tighter.  Some dude took this from the front row.