Doubts Jr. Highers Have About Christianity

About 150 junior high students were polled last Wednesday via text message at our youth group with the following question:  “What are some doubts/questions that you or your friends have about Jesus, Christianity, God, or the Bible?”  Here were some of their responses (yes, I corrected for spelling):

  • My friends and I doubt the Lord made so much fish come to the ocean.
  • When you die, how do you know you’re in heaven or hell?
  • I wonder if I personally mean what I sing in church or how much I love Jesus.
  • If God created everything, who created God?
  • If being jealous is a sin, and God despises sin, why is He called a jealous God?
  • Friends say there is no evidence that He exists.
  • Why does He let bad stuff happen to me when I’m a good person?
  • How do we know this wasn’t all just made up?
  • Why is waiting to come back?  Why doesn’t He just come?
  • Why is our God different from all other ones?
  • What if we worship God and done all kinds of that stuff and then we die and it’s not real?
  • If every religion believes you go to heaven, then how do we know Christians really go to heaven and not hell?
  • I have felt the Bible was not inspiring me.
  • There are no doubts when you put yourself in the hands of the Lord.
  • Why would people make up something like the DaVinci Code and then produce questions?  Is that what they believe in or??
  • How was God there forever?
  • Umm, no I love God and He is true.
  • If we can’t see God how can we be sure he is there?
  • When is He coming back?
  • My friends say there are too many rules.
  • Why does God send people to hell?
  • That He’s not real and just made up like Santa or the Easter bunny and snizz like dattt dawwwggg.
  • How do you know if you’re a Christian?
  • Some of my friends have wondered if there is a God why are people homeless or broke?

Well, if you’re in youth ministry (or any ministry for that matter) or a parent, I hope these questions give you something to address for awhile!  Remember these are 7th and 8th grade students in Santa Clarita, CA.  I’d guesstimate that 75% of them would call themselves Christians.  6 students accepted Jesus for the first time that very night.