Phil Wickham at Grace Baptist Tonight


It was one of those nights.  The Spirit, thick.  Jesus, closer than your breath.  Father,  hands feeling stronger than normal.  Tonight all this God-work poured out through Phil Wickham and his band in one of the most worshipful nights I’ve had in a long time.  Maybe ever.

There are some guys who are ridiculously talented.  Like Phil.  And then there are guys who are both ridiculously talented and ridiculously anointed by God.  Again, like Phil Wickham.

I wished for everyone I knew to be in that room because some of Heaven met earth at Grace tonight.  I watched hurting people be encouraged back into safety tonight.  I watched dreams get ignited tonight.  I watched people let go tonight.  I felt all of those things for myself tonight.

PhilWickham2Go buy his album, Heaven and Earth, when it comes out in November at  God’s going to continue to lead us into His presence through the creativity and inspiration poured out through this guy for a long time, I hope.  Going to bed tonight moved with the power of God and the power of worship and the power in the coming of Heaven.  Thanks, Phil, for carrying us to that power tonight.