Check the Articles at SHRINK the church!

I just had an article published online at a new ministry site called “SHRINK the church” ( Long story short, if you go read the article AND leave a comment, I may win an iPad or something cool if my article receives the most comments.

The ministry had asked a few of us to guest-write for the site to drive people to the new ministry.  The other writers have ridiculously huge ministries and pulling power to drive attention to the site, so I don’t really care if I win.  I do, however, really believe in the ministry itself and I think you’ll find a lot of cool articles there!!

So if you’ve got time… Go look for my article.  It’s called YOU DON’T KNOW ME: the gospel of vulnerability.  And here’s a quick link:

You’ll realize pretty quickly that I’m outta my league with the other guest writers and have no chance of winning this, but I believe wholeheartedly in the SHRINK the church ministry itself and in the other guest writers.  So go look!  And if I do, by a LONG shot, win… I’ll kiss you.  Go read AND comment.  Go.  Now.  Kisses later.