One More Week at SHRINK the church

If you still want to comment on or Facebook share my article at SHRINK the church, you’ll put me in the running for a really cool prize.  You’ve got til May 1st at midnight.  Thanks so much for commenting already if you have done so. Here’s a quick link to my article, YOU DON’T KNOW ME, the gospel of vulnerability:

Truth is, I really love the ministry going on at this site and would love for you to check out what my buddies are doing there.  ALL the articles there are ridiculously cool and way more practically useful than mine!

Thanks again, guys.  If I win by getting the most comments or shares I’ll let you play with the new iPad they’re giving to the winner.  And this will be the last week of self-promoting ever.  I hate this.  But I love SHRINK the church.