Tea With McNair and Monkeys

I’m so glad I’m not a monkey.  My friends would be so boring.  And irritating.  Especially, if they get flinging.

My friends are amazing.  They do what monkeys can’t.  They create.

I’ve got friends that are writing music, making beats, creating ministries, taking photographs, styling hair, making films, doing poetry readings, punk rocking, fashioning clothes, starting businesses, lighting stage environments, building sets, acting, singing, drawing, designing, architecting, orchestrating, and writing novels and articles and devotional books.

Check out an old friend and huge creative/spiritual influencer on my life, McNair Wilson (his Tea With McNair blog is priceless!).  McNair recently wrote about us and monkeys:

“While you and I will most certainly become frustrated while making a simple sketch with pencil, brush, guitar or keyboard, the monkey will pick, peel, and masticate thinking only of whence cometh her next banana.

We were given (nay, created with) a particularly expansive tool box—filled with gifts, and dreams, and a few extra genes. We are—each of us—magical and unique to the animal world.

Let us enjoy our ape, deer, dog, puppy, guppy, and winged neighbors. Let us protect them as we can. But we must create, invent, dream. Creativity is in the human DNA. It is who we were made to be.”

For a healthy injection of creativity and inspiration… go grab some Tea With McNair.  And make sure you grab some with your Creator too.