Anniversary Poem from Anna to Me

To My Lifelong Lovebird

Of all the men with whom to nest
I knew I had to choose the best

There was no question in my mind
The best is you, your name headlined

It was you I had to convince
That my age shouldn’t make you wince

Then we finally got together
Tweeting like two birds o’ feather

Amidst the tragedies of life
We pulled through; you made me your wife

Like snowbirds from the colder north
We flew desert-bound seeking warmth

There our fantasies all came true
You, me and two babies in blue

That’s when you proved beyond measure
The Dad you are is pure treasure

Then in your very selfless way
Returned us to Californ-I-A

The past three years have been a blur
The next will also be for sure

But with every test you’ve faced
Respect for you I have embraced

Now we’ve been married seven years
I cannot express with enough tears

The love I have for you, my Ronnie
My friend, my lover, and my honey

We will remain love’s investors
Even when old empty nesters

Your Anna
March 27, 2011