7 Qualities Your EX May NOT Have Had, But That Your Spouse MUST Have

From part 2 of our Summer of Love series at Chapter 3 – 

Go read Matthew 5 first.  All of it.  Then zero in on the first handful of the beatitudes in verses 1-9.  Not only do these qualities (and the rest in Jesus’ sermon here) set the benchmark for Christ-followers, but they also make a heck of a list of qualities you’d be wise to seek out in your future spouse.  And just as important, if not moreso, you should start with being & developing these things in yourself first before you get too serious about looking for these things in others.  With that said, here’s your 7 qualities to both BE and then LOOK FOR:

1. DEPENDENT ON HIM: Look for humble people who are totally dependent on God for their strength, not prideful people who operate independent of God. (5:3)

2. REPENTANT: Look for repentant people who are grieved by their own sin, not hard-hearted people who are calloused to disobeying God. (5:4)

3. HUMBLE: Look for submissive people who put their strength under God’s authority, not arrogant people who won’t submit to anyone. (5:5)

4. GROWTH-MINDED: Look for growth-minded people who aren’t satisfied with anything short of holiness, not stagnant people who settle for mediocrity. (5:6)

5. MERCIFUL: Look for soft-hearted people who are quick to forgive and quick to say sorry, not hard-hearted people who always want to get revenge. (5:7)

6. HONEST: Look for pure-hearted people who value honesty and integrity, not dirty-hearted people who love filthy words and filthy things. (5:8)

7. PEACEABLE: Look for peaceful people who seek to resolve conflict, not combatant people who seek to start conflicts. (5:9)