YOU ALONE: 5 Thoughts On The Gift of Singleness

1 Corinthians 7:7; 8-9; 17-28; 29-31; 32-35; 36-40

  • BEING MARRIED IS A HUGE GIFT, BUT BEING SINGLE IS A GIFT AS WELL. (You may have one gift now, and get the other gift later.)
  • SINGLE PEOPLE SHOULD REMEMBER, “WHEREVER YOU ARE, BE ALL THERE.” (Appreciate the gift while you’ve got it.)
  • SINGLE PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SHALLOW ROOTS IN A FADING WORLD. (Make the most of this unique opportunity.  You want always be this free.)
  • SINGLE PEOPLE HAVE A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY TO PLEASE GOD WITH LESS DISTRACTIONS. (Your focus can be singular in ministry while you’re single.)
  • IF YOU’RE WALKING IN THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, YOU’VE GOT THE FREEDOM TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. (To marry or not to marry?  You choose.  They’ve both got huge blessings!)
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