Happy Father’s Day, our Ronnie!

Haha! Your blog has been hacked…

We love you so much. Just like Braddock says, “I love our entire family!” And just like Brody says, “I love Daddy mucher.”  And you alone know how many times I’ve told you, “I love you.” Well now we just wanted to embarrass you by sharing it with your friends too!

Anyway — HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Seriously, we are so blessed to have you as the man of the house. You take amazing care of us — working your rear end off at work and at home. I thank God for your sensitivity toward each of us, knowing each of us, spending time with each of us… These boys have an outstanding example in their daddy. Some day, if God wills, they will know how to love their wives and relate to their children and work hard to take care of their families by remembering how you lived and loved.

I wish I could have given you a more tangible gift to express my thankfulness for the father you are to our kiddos… but alas, a BMX bike could not be found!! So this is my eleventh hour effort to give you a lasting reminder: you, Ronnie, are doing a great job. You always give your best. Whether it’s pastoring, teaching, friending, husbanding, or fathering… you are so Christlike. Honestly. I’m humbled to walk by your side in this family adventure…

Ronnie and the boys hiking

We went on a hike this weekend, enjoying God’s beautiful creation and our growing boys’ sense of adventure and endurance.